BrianSenior Pastor, Brian Letsinger: Pastor Brian has been pastor of Marshfield Church of the Nazarene since 1999. He attended Nazarene Bible College and graduated in 2002 with a degree in Pastoral Ministries. Pastor Brian and his wife Cindy have a passion for ministry and for reaching others for Jesus Christ. They share a common passion particularly in the area of family ministry and children’s ministry. They believe that a family that serves Christ together will be blessed and live a fulfilled Christian life. The children’s ministry holds a special place in both their hearts as they believe that young children, reached at an early age to learn about Jesus Christ, will be specially equipped for life-long blessings and happiness as a Christian. Pastor Brian would like to welcome you to Marshfield Church of the Nazarene where he trusts you will find a church home that will not only minister to you but will help you to become “Christ-like for the Sake of Others”.

Youth Pastors, Shawn and Brooke Elwood: Shawn and Brooke are passionate about living their lives in a way that is pleasing to our Lord God and serving him in every aspect of their lives. Pastor Shawn is walking in the calling that God has created him for, and his desire is to make an eternal impact in students’ lives which ultimately furthers His kingdom. MCON is where the Lord has called Brooke and Shawn and they are dedicated to giving their heart and soul to this mission field! Check out the Pursuit Youth Ministry tab under Church Ministries for more information on the incredible youth program at Marshfield Church of the Nazarene.

Children’s Ministry Director,  Cindy Letsinger: Cindy and Lindsey Letsinger have worked together to oversee the children’s department for several years.  Cindy coordinates and leads classes and activities for children grades K-4 while Lindsey runs the 56’ers program for kids grades 5 & 6.  Here at the Marshfield Church of the Nazarene we believe that children are not only the church of tomorrow, but they also play a tremendous role in the church of TODAY! Check out the Children’s Ministry tab under Church Ministries for more information.

NMI Director, Shawn Yarnell: As the NMI president, Shawn communicates between the Joplin District, our pastor and church board, and the congregation regarding the numerous mission opportunities available through the Church of the Nazarene.  Her job is to educate the congregation about these opportunities and provide ways for them to support and/or participate in missions. Shawn also helps plan and organize local mission opportunities for our church.  For more information on NMI and how the Joplin District is involved in mission, please click here.

Sunday School Director,  Tony Blackstock: Tony keeps things organized concerning our Sunday School program. He works hard to keep things running smoothly. Sunday school is a huge part of our overall ministry at MCON. Check out more information concerning Sunday School under the About Us tab and we invite you to find a class that fits you and your family!

 Nursery/Wee Church Director, Melynda Van Note: What a blessing our little ones are to us at MCON! Our Nursery Director, Melynda VanNote, oversees the care of children from birth to 4 years of age and ensures there is a warm, nurturing environment for your children. Our goal is to provide excellent care to each child and help them learn that Jesus loves them very much!

Women’s Ministry, Bridget Grier: Bridget is the leader of rEVOLution, the Women’s Ministry at MCON.  She is committed to bringing women of all ages and backgrounds together to grow in their faith and develop a unity in Christ that connects people’s lives. The goal of this ministry is to educate women on Biblical truth and principles through devotionals and teachings as well as to bring women together through fellowship, activities, and other events.  To find out more about rEVOLution at MCON, click the Women’s Ministry tab under Church Ministries.

EricMen’s Ministry, Eric Yarnell: Eric leads our men’s ministry at MCON, Men of Courage. Eric got involved in leading Men of Courage because he feels there is a need for men at MCON to get connected with one another and to walk through life together while learning how to be better men. Click the Men’s Ministry tab under the Church Ministries menu to find out more about this new and dynamic program.

Music Ministry, Lance Johnson & Devona Breeden: Lance is our Worship Team director, worship leader, and lead guitarist. Lance is extremely talented as a musician and vocalist but most importantly, he offers his talent to God and let’s Him use him to spread His gospel through song. Devona assists Lance by coordinating all rehearsals, scheduling the worship teams, and planning special music so everyone knows where to be and when to be there. We are so blessed to have these two wonderful leaders as part of our ministry team!

Sam & BreYoung Adult Ministry, Sam & Breanne Rost: Sam & Breanne lead our Young Adult Ministry, the MCON Crusaders. They have been teaching the class since 2013 and have a passion for young adults and how they can reach their full potential for Christ! To find out more about the MCON Crusaders, click the Young Adults tab under Church Ministries.

Elden and VolaSenior Adult Ministry, Elden & Vola Moore: Elden and Vola are long-time members of Marshfield Church of the Nazarene and have a real passion for our Senior Adults Ministry called PrimeTime. They do a great job planning events of interest and keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on. They would love for you to join in the next PrimeTime event! For more information on this great ministry, visit the Senior Ministry page under the Church Ministries tab.



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