Newcomer Information

I haven’t been to church in a long time.  Will I feel comfortable?
We want you to feel welcome so we work hard at removing the stumbling blocks to “coming back to church.”  We want you to find MCON to be an accepting, loving, warm place to reconnect with God.

What kind of people go to Marshfield Church of the Nazarene?
MCON is filled with people just like you: People with needs, people with a lot to share, people of all ages; professionals and homemakers. There are people who are healing, people who are helping others to heal; people who are seeking, and people who are serving;  people who have been believers for a long time, and people who are meeting God for the first time.

I had a bad experience at a church once.  What about that?
We understand where you’re coming from because many of us have been there, too.  We’d like you to give us a chance to help you have a good experience for a change — and  give God a chance to heal those hurts.

What should I wear?
Most of our people dress casually.  Wear what is comfortable to you.  God is more interested in your life than in your clothes.

What style of worship do you have?
We have a contemporary style of worship with drums, guitars and lots of modern worship music along with some traditional songs too.  We love to clap, laugh and sing.  The pastor’s message is geared toward finding answers to life’s problems.

Are my children welcome at MCON?
Children are SO important to God — and to us!  We feel very privileged to bring you opportunities for your children to connect with God and each other.  The energetic presence of children helps us remember we’re a big, happy family.

Will I have to give money?
Financial support is the responsibility of the MCON family.  As a guest, we want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your time with us. If you are led to give during the offering time, please feel free, but don’t feel obligated.

Is there on-site parking?
We have open parking with reserved spaces for the handicapped immediately in front of the main entrance.

Is there child care?
We offer loving child care for infants and Wee Church for toddlers during Sunday Morning Service and nursery during the Sunday Evening Service.  Just ask a greeter for directions. We also have a discrete cry room with a video and audio feed of the service.

I have a need.  Can I get help?
The pastor and spiritual leaders are trained to listen and search with you to find answers to your needs.  God wants you to bring your whole life to church, including your needs.

Is there handicap access?
All the main areas of the church including the Worship Center, Fellowship Hall, restrooms and offices are accessible without stairs.  

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